Aaron Johnson


Bass Trombone

Aaron Johnson plays a bass trombone custom made by S.E. Shires. It is has a 9.5 inch gold brass bell, and the Shires lightweight bass trombone slide. He feels the lightweight slide is capable of providng a very precise attack. His bass trombone uses the Shires rotary valves, independent, tuned to F and G. Aaron sometimes will use his old instrument, a 60's vintage Conn 73H dual rotor yellow brass bass trombone that has been modified by Chuck McAlexander of the BrassLab to have independent F and G valves. Aaron uses a custom mouthpiece maunfactured by someone in NY! He bought it second hand for $12 from Rod Baltimore.

Tenor Trombone

Aaron plays a Bach 42G straight gold brass bell large bore tenor trombone with a Shilke 52D mouthpiece. His new old horn is an early '50s vintage Conn 8H with a red brass bell. With this horn he is most likey to use a Bach 4G mouthpiece.


So far, Aaron has only one tuba, (not counting that fiberglass sousaphone in his basement) a Conn 5J four valve front action BBb. He uses a Dillon Helleberg 1 B heavy wall mouthpiece.